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For Amy

I wonder
When paths cross
Another day
Deal me in
I miss you
'Til the Dawn
For Amy
Eternal memories
Nobodys' Love
Another Dream
Picture of Yesterday
Giving All
A Young Girls Dreams

Dedicated to my daughter.

 From the moment I first saw you

 I have always felt the same.

 This heart of mine still swells with pride

 each time I hear your name.

 Whenever I held you in my arms or

  looked into your eyes,

  The world seemed like endless summer

  bathed in bright blue skies.


Now the bond that has grown between us

no one can ever break,

I feel it every moment

whether sleeping or awake.

'tho the years we've been together have

far too swiftly passed,

This love for you I hold inside

for an eternity will last.


So no matter what the future holds

or what the fates have planned,

You will ever have the charms to

hold this father in your hand..


                                       with love, Dad..

William James Jenkinson(c)2002