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'Til the Dawn

I wonder
When paths cross
Another day
Deal me in
I miss you
'Til the Dawn
For Amy
Eternal memories
Nobodys' Love
Another Dream
Picture of Yesterday
Giving All
A Young Girls Dreams

Dedicated to a moment

 'Til the dawn replaces night time

let me lay with you

There together side by side

as we did when love was new

Feeling the softness of your lips

and the texture of your skin

as you take my urgent passion

and hold it deep within

Waves of emotion will flow

over us

like the ocean on the sand

Reminding us of forgotten dreams

and a future we once planned

Nothing to encumber us

Inhibitions none

Hearts beating in harmony

Bodies just as one

Inside imagination you say

you feel the same

Your sweet warm breath upon

my neck while whispering my name.



William James Jenkinson (c) 2001