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A Young Girls Dreams

I wonder
When paths cross
Another day
Deal me in
I miss you
'Til the Dawn
For Amy
Eternal memories
Nobodys' Love
Another Dream
Picture of Yesterday
Giving All
A Young Girls Dreams

Though times are hard and things

 have changed

one thing remains in this world,

That one thing is the feelings shared

 between a boy and girl.


One day soon your life will change

 as someone will draw near.

And then he'll set your heart alight

 as you slowly hold him dear.

Perhaps he'll look into your eyes

 and tell you that you're sweet,

That you're the type of girl

 he dreamed he'd always meet.

Or will he whisper secret things

 into a listening ear,

The words of feelings from

 deep within

And what you've longed to hear.

He may become romantic

 and want to set your feelings free

He may even say, I love you"

 upon a bended knee.


'Till that day comes

don't give up hope

For without a doubt it will

and when it does it's worth the wait

For your dreams it will fulfill..



William Jenkinson (c) 2000