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I wonder
When paths cross
Another day
Deal me in
I miss you
'Til the Dawn
For Amy
Eternal memories
Nobodys' Love
Another Dream
Picture of Yesterday
Giving All
A Young Girls Dreams

One of those moments when we look back and wonder

It seems like only yesterday

 that we were in each others arms,

Exchanging tender kisses,

 basking in loves' charms.

Making vows of lasting love,

 planning future years,

Never dreaming things would change

 or eyes would fill with tears..


If we could turn the clock back

 and live that time again,

I'd try to love you better

 then I'm sure you would remain.

Returning to me with equal strength

 the love I'd give to you.

For you and I were meant to be,

 can't you see that's true?


Now we just share the memories

 of the love from days gone by,

While wondering, "What might have been?

 will cause our hearts to sigh.

And dreaming of being together

 the way we used to be,

Me in love with you girl,

 and you in love with me..


William Jenkinson (c) 2002