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When paths cross

I wonder
When paths cross
Another day
Deal me in
I miss you
'Til the Dawn
For Amy
Eternal memories
Nobodys' Love
Another Dream
Picture of Yesterday
Giving All
A Young Girls Dreams

If our paths should intersect, taking us by surprise,

Might there be a touch of sadness reflected

in our eyes?

A slight regret for a summer lost, in a far-gone

time of spring

When our song abruptly ended before we learned the words to sing.

I would use the words “How are you?” in a casual sort of way

And suppress my inner feelings by holding them at bay.

We’d tread simple conversation so as not to step on toes

And skirt around our common past and watch the way we pose.


If fate should cause our paths to cross, setting us face to face

Might we recall some of the emotions that time

tried to erase?

All the while I ‘m sure that I’d be dying to speak out,

Tell you how I truly feel and leave you with no doubt.

That the pledge of “love forever” that I once made to you

                           Still sits embedded in my heart and the words they
                           still ring true.

William James Jenkinson (c) 2005