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For those of us who like prose

Shadow upon my heart

My heart still resides in the shadow that has crossed
the barriers of time and space.
Cast by emotions of a love once shared, strong enough
to blot out the rays of the sun.
The minds eye watching precious moments experienced,
but now beyond longing, replayed on the screen
of memories.
Scenes of elation and disappointment in clear bright
colours never fading with the passage of years.
Heartfelt feelings sent cascading to every pore of my
mortal being, igniting the flame inside that inner man,
reluctant still to ever let you go..

The Gift

A gift you gave me so long ago
More precious than breathtaking gems
More valuable than silver or gold.
A gift that changed the course of the life
I would live.
The piece of your heart given freely when love was something new to us.
A simple act that came to mean more to me than life itself.
A gift to be cherished beyond a mortal lifetime
Still held within the warm confines of my heart.

Backward glance
Sitting with my head against a void of
blue sky.
You're not to blame.
First date in vivid colour, clear as summer
You reached to meet my hand halfway.
Took possession of my heart.
Began my ride on the emotional
Elation, despair.

Looking over my shoulder as I round each corner
Treading forward hoping to find the past, a fleeting moment lost in a wave of sorrow.
Aware of the embers that still glow, smoulder.
You are there at the moment of awareness,
Before eyes see the light of morning.
Travel the route of day until sleep brings respite.
Frustration of a love unrequited.



Friends forever
Foundation laid so long ago,
surviving many years.
Times of laughter, smiles, heartbreak, tears.
Rediscovered friendship, feelings, thoughts.
Open honest words, conversation free,
flowing between two souls who found a
kind of joy in their regained companionship.
Past moments shared with smiles on lips,
laughter in hearts.

Hanging on your every word, heart sighing
deep within.
Wanting you with all my being, every breath.
Analysing every word you say, searching for
the one word that might make my heart rejoice.


The Driver

Driving alone in darkness.
Headlights searching ahead looking for the first rays of Dawn.
Memories of many long-lost days filtering through the mind.
Your name still whispered in silent rhythm with each beat of my heart.
Music on the radio adding to the longing for another chance.
Distance passing without notice, following the white line like a robot as the mind lingers in the realm of fantasy.


The Mask

Hidden behind the mask that the world can see
Dwells the secret person.
Living a pretence that we all accept as truth.
A two way reassurance that what we see
Must be reality.
The hidden man showing his face when solitude
Is my companion.
Stirring the heart when the mind lowers its constant shield for but a moment.
A fleeting reminder of who I am instead of
The person I was supposed to be.


Where are the words?

If the words to make you feel the same as I
were there within my grasp,
would I have the courage to use them?
Words that say "I want you"
as they wrap themselves around your heart.
Redirecting once-felt emotions onto the
path that leads back in my direction..

I know the words exist, I can feel them deep
within the recesses of my mortal soul.
Trying to find a way to surface into the light.
Within reach, but intangible in their essence.
Like wisps of smoke impossible to hold in a
naked hand.

More to be added