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This is the new area for visitors to read and hopefully enjoy my Poetry. I moved my "base of operations" to this site when homestead decided to start charging a fee for using their space. I however find it difficult to understand the need to pay for a personal hobby type of site rather than a professional site. I guess that is the Scottish blood in me. (ha ha)

A short history

I was born many years ago in Scotland. 1955 to be exact. My father was a Scot and my mother was English. Trying to make a better life for himself and his family, my father decided that the opportunity to do so was to be found in Australia. So in 1964 he packed us all up and headed "down under". This turned out to be a choice that he never regretted. I still live in Australia in a town called Gawler.  I have a sense of humour and enjoy rock and roll music, watching sport and meeting new people on the internet.
 I first discovered poetry in school in about year 6 and my first efforts were not too bad for a young boy. (or so said the teacher, and who am I to argue with a teacher?)  
Since that time, I have experienced all of the emotions that life constantly throws at us.Well, that is not too surprising for a man of my age. It has only been in the last ten years that I began to write on a semi-regular basis and only in the last 2 that I have had my poetry published. ( just letting you know that the poems to be found on this site are my property) I get my inspiration from my wife Cynthia whom I have been with since 1976, my friends, my children Adam, Troy, Amy and Daryl. I find my emotional content comes from them and also from my memories. I guess I am a Romantic at heart, as I love stories with happy endings, I feel empathy for the underdog and I hate to see anyone upset or suffering.
If you have read this far, thank you for your patience as I rambled on a bit, and poured out a little syrup, but that is just me.
I pray you like my poetry and I would love your feedback so please take a moment to sign my Guestbook.. Jim...

My Profile

Contains the usual information like favourite colour, music etc..

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You begin to wake up in the morning and glance at the clock by the bed and there are only about 10 minutes before the alarm is to go off! I feel so cheated..

Someone tells you a joke and laughs at the punchline, but you don't because in your opinion it isn't funny. Then they look at you as if there is something wrong with you and they proceed to explain the joke to you! LIKE YOU REALLY NEED IT!!