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Other Peoples words


no title
wishing more
a memory
I wonder

I wonder

How can someone care so much,

Then suddenly change direction?

Must be some imbalance

In the lovers’ minds’ perception.

One minute you’re in ecstacy

The next you feel indifferent

Spent your lifetime searching

For a partner that’s equivelant

Then suddenly it’s just not enough

Your needs aren’t being met

You realise that if you carry on

It’s a life lived with regret.

You fight against the feelings

That you’ve held there for so long

Trying to uphold your dignity

By choosing right from wrong

You reach a certain point in time

And say " I won’t continue "

Put them in the too hard box

They’ve taken all that’s in you.

So now you’re left here with a space

Consumed by lovers’ lost

You’ve maintained your integrity

And strength but at what cost?

Do you give in to your yearnings

And emotional desires

Or do you battle on regardless

Of what your softer side requires?

Either way you leave a mark

That’s deep within your soul

It resonates within you

And continues to keep you whole.

                                                       Derane 2006