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Other Peoples words

no title
wishing more
a memory
I wonder



Every time I close my eyes your image
fills my head
Poured there by a fragile heart that
has refused to be misled.
Memories of what we were still haunt
from time to time
Forcing me to look inside as emotions
start to prime.
As the years between us grow longer
day by day
I find it hard to understand why these
thoughts of you should stay.
For although I had to say goodbye my
heart chose to remain
So I just accept the way things are
and press on through the rain
Did you feel the need to move on due
to some mistake I made?
An error in my judgement that wasn't
worth the price I've paid.
Plagued by a kind of emptiness that has
been impossible to satisfy
And although it's been a lifetime, my heart
has never said goodbye..

Steve Warrington (c) 2007