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Jims Place


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My Poetry

At the moment of awareness each morning
The first thoughts I have are you.
Your image emerges without warning
Sent by a heart that beats true.
Then you cling to a moment within my mind
Determined there to stay.
No matter what I do Ill find
You are there with me all day.

I say a prayer that I might hold you
One more time before life says goodbye
With my love I could enfold you
Lift your spirits to the sky.
Upon this earth no power exists
To pull you from my heart
The love that I had for you persists
Never waning in our time apart.

Nobody ever sees the tears
That keep welling deep inside
Flowing softly through the years
For the feelings long denied.
So as I lay here thinking of you
Still questioning, What went wrong?
My heart sings out I love you
With a passion still lingering on..


I long to reach out and touch you, take you by the hand.
Tell you of my feelings, help you understand
That the love we had so long ago still haunts my day to day,
Time stands frozen within my heart, the passion has never gone away.
That the hopes and wants having for so long been denied,
The need to gaze into your eyes and lay there by your side.

Why do I feel this way? I haven't got the right,
To want you here beside me, to dream of you at night.
We both belong to different worlds, on paths we had to choose.
The feelings flowing through this soul for you
My heart will never lose.

Nobody really cares for you,
Yet someone shares your nights
And nobody wants to hold you
Until morning spreads its light
Nobody loved you before and
Nobody loves you more
Than someone.

Nobody hides the feelings that
Someone is allowed to show
And someone gets to take you
Where nobody wants to go
Someone is all that he can be
And someone holds the envy
Of nobody.

More to follow as I update my site